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Digital print on 270 g/m², matte paper.

Open edition

Signed with pencil by the artist

Size 20 x 20 cm


Our internal and external environment keep feeding us with stimuli. The current dogma is that we have a core identity, essentially immutable over the lifespan. But the environment changes. Nothing that is immutable can cope with change. Your identity should change along with the environment both internal and external. You can’t have a system inside of you that never changes coping with the kaleidoscope that is reality.

Similar to the different types of clothing we wear according to the season, we have different identities for the ever changing circumstances we find ourselves in.

As artists and designers we have the ability to invite and stimulate the LGBTQ community to show themselves honestly and proudly. We should aim for acceptance as the standard. More than that we should applaud them for standing up to the man. Therefor refusing that bullies and dictators have power over our self state.