Reflective Geodes

People often find solace in nature. Sometimes, especially, in the smallest details. I’ve always felt drawn to fossils and rocks. And I’m not alone in this. A shape, a colour, a small curvature in a natural line. We don’t even have to be cognisant of the fact and feel better nonetheless.


In Greek and Roman times meaning was ascribed to different types of rocks. An Amethyst for instance could ward off headaches after the consumption of too much wine. These days a common belief is that the rock lessens stress, migraine and headache. It seems we are always in search of cures for the ailments of modern day life. Be it from Roman wine or the 21st century broken heart. Perhaps the answer is easier than we want to believe. As the buddhists say; life is suffering. Perhaps the answer we seek is to simply look at ourselves in the mirror and accept that life is hard at times and the true cure to our suffering lies in our own minds.


We ask the earth, our home, to help to cure us. To offer us sustenance and assistance. But what do we do for her in return? Are you aware of your legacy? Do you think about the impact your consumerism has on our landscapes?




Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week

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September 25, 2021


Wall Art