Fatal Flowers

The project ‘Fatal Flowers’ from Studio Van Keulen aims to both enhance your daily surroundings and stimulate your mind. Exquisitely handcrafted designs that visually attract and then call upon the spectators imagination for further explanation, and allow space for discussion and curiosity.


Studio Van Keulen is sending a message. We as individuals should contemplate our numb participations in the ‘quick and easy’ that our consumer society provides and thereby demands. By focussing on pure artisanal production, spending hundreds of hours on making one drawing by hand and inviting you to witness it, she aims to stimulate the socio-economical message her product sends out.


It is a call to open your eyes and look beyond the surface.


The wallpaper ‘FATAL FLOWERS’ is available per m2. For more information please send an email to info@ivivankeulen.nl


We offer personalized murals for both companies and private residences.




September 5, 2019


Surface Pattern Design


surface pattern design, wallpaper